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Reading : Functional Text

Apakah yang dimaksud dengan “functional text”?
Functional Text adalah teks khusus yang berisi perintah, pengarahan, sesuatu yang harus dilakukan atau tidak boleh dilakukan yang dapat berupa pesan singkat (short message), daftar belanja (shopping list), peringatan (notice), pengumuman (announcement), dan lain-lain yang mengandung makna dan digunakan dalam komunikasi sehari-hari.

Perhatikan contoh berikut!

Example 1: Short Message

Read the short message above!

Pay attention to the questions below and click the box to see the answer!

  1. To whom is the message for ?
  2. What does he have to do after eating ?
  3. Where does he have to put the key ?
  4. What subject does he attend ? 

Example 2: Notice

Text Box:
Notice is a short passage, symbol or text to inform or instruct people to do or not to do anything.
This notice means don’t smoke. It means people must not smoke in that place. We usually see this notice in public places such as in a bus, in a lobby, or in air conditioned rooms.

Other examples of notice are “Don’t Park”, “Don’t Stop”, etc.

Example 3 : Shopping List
Another example of a functional text is a shopping list. Read the shopping list below!

Day : Monday Date : July 22, 2007

4 loaves of bread
3 kilos of beans
1 kilo of apples
2 kilos of sugar
1 kilo of carrots
1 kilo of oranges
1 can of soft drink

Now, see the answer of the questions below by clicking the box on the left column!

  1. The text is a kind of ....
  2. The purpose of text is to remind the customer of what to….
  3. How many kinds of vegetables are there in the text ?
  4. Is there a soft drink in the shopping list  ?

Example 4 : Announcement
Read the following announcement, and click the box on the left under the questions to see the answer!

Our school basketball matches will begin on Saturday, January 1. The events will run from 8.00 – 10.00 for the next four weeks. The final tournament will be held on February 7. For more information, contact Rizka ( 021 12345678 )

  1. The text is a kind of …
  2. How long will the events run ?
  3. What month will the final round be held on ?
  4. When will their school basketball matches begin ?
  5. Who can we contact for more information ?

Example 5: Instruction

Read the text and click the box on the left side to see the answer !

  • Prepare a pan and some eggs
  • Put some water in the pan
  • Put some eggs in the pan
  • Turn on the stove
  • Put the pan on it
  • Wait until the water is boiled
  • Wait for 4 minutes
  • The boiled eggs are ready

  1. How many household appliances do we need ?
  2. The text is a kind of …
  3. “Turn on the stove”. What is the antonym in the sentence of “turn on “ ?
  4. Where do you put the pan ?


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