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Reading - Grammar

Ciri kebahasaan (lexico grammar) yang dibahas dalam teks report ini adalah :

  1. Simple Present Tense.
  2. Noun Phrases.
  3. Adjectives.

The Simple Present Tense

The Simple Present Tense is used to talk about things in general. We are not thinking only events in the present time. We can also use it to explain that something happens all time or repeatedly.

The Simple Present Tense Pattern :

  Subject + to be (is/am/are) + Complement
  Subject + Verb 1 (+s) + Complement

To show present events you can use some adverbs of time, such now, every morning/ day…twice a week, very often, etc.


  • Nurses look after patients in hospital
  • In Britain most of the shops close at 5.30 p m
  • Remember that we say he/she/it. Don’t forget the -s
  • I work in a bank. Barry works in a shop.
  • He comes from Japan


Adjectives is used to describe the condition of the people, animals or things.

  • a careful boy
  • a brave girl
  • an old dress
  • a smart dog

Another example of adjectives :

  • good
  • lazy
  • fat
  • boyish
  • hopeful
  • etc.

  • long
  • clever
  • thick
  • rich
  • cheerful


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