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Making and answering telephone calls

Answering a telephone call:
- Hello (informal)
- This is Mr. Smith residence
- This is 444-5769

Asking for the caller’s identity:
- Who is speaking? (informal)
- Who is talking? (informal)
- Who is this? (informal)
- May I ask who’s calling?
- Who am I speaking to?

Introducing your self:
- This is Nina. (informal)
- This is Amy speaking. (formal)
- This is Sam calling for Sinta. (informal)

Asking to talk to someone:
- Is Danny there? (informal)
- Is Rebecca in? (informal)
- Can I talk to Jack? (informal)
- May I speak with Mr. Robinson, please?

When you make a telephone call, sometimes you are asked to hold so that the person who receives the call can get the person you want to talk to. Here are some phrases to ask somebody to hold:
- Just a second (informal)
- Wait a minute! (informal)
- Hang on a second! (informal)
- Could you please hold?
- One moment, please?
- I’ll get him/her.

Contoh dialog:
Situation: Making reservation for booking a hotel room

Hotel Receptionist = HR
The caller = C

HR : Plaza Hotel, Good morning…Leo’s speaking
C : Ah yes, I want to book 2 rooms for myself and my father.
      Could you tell me the cost of a single room per night?

HR : Certainly. The rate of a single room is $ 40.
         When would you like to have them?
C : From the 25th to 28th of February

HR : Arriving on the 25th, leaving on the 28th, three nights?
C : That’s right

HR : Just a moment please.
C : Alright.


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