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The Imperative

The Imperative has the same form as the infinitive



Clean the room, please
Open the door
Press the button
Hold the camera

Don’t close the windows
Don’t clean the living room, please
Don’t come late
Don’t put much water

Study these sentences.

  1. Plug the cable into the USB port
  2. Open Windows Movie Maker ( WMM )
  3. Select capture from the video device
  4. Connect the other end
  5. Put in an online game.

Pay attention to the underlined words. Are they nouns, adjectives, or verbs? That’s right. They are verbs in the first form (Verb I). All sentence above start with Verb I. They are instructions. They tell people to do something. These instructions are called imperatives.

Study these sentences.

  1. Don’t close the window
  2. Don’t clean the room
  3. Don’t come late
  4. Don’t put much water
  5. Don’t connect the other end.

All the sentences above start with don’t + verb I. We use don’t + Verb I if we want to tell others not to do something. The sentences above are also imperative sentences but they are in the negative form.

Read these sentences.

  1. First, take out the ATM card.
  2. Then, insert the card into the slot.
  3. Next, type your PIN number.
  4. After that, choose the transactions.
  5. Finally, wait for your ATM card.

The underlined words are used to show order of actions. They are called discourse markers showing a sequence.


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