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Writing : Past Events

  1. VERB II

  2. These Verbs are taken from Zahra's letter

    Pay attention to the form.

    1. Went
    2. Stayed
    3. Rode
    4. Enjoyed
    5. Was

      6. Took
      7. Watched
      8. Got
      9. Ate
    10. Picked up

    Are the verbs in the present or past tense?
    That’s right. They are in the past form (Verb II) because they talk about past activities.



  4. When we talked about past activities, we use the past form of the verbs to talk about our actions. Notice the following sentences.

    1. I met Mr.Umair at the airport yesterday.
    2. Last month, we went to Cibodas for a study tour.
    3. I usually play tennis on Sundays, but last Sunday I played badminton.
    4. The classroom was very dirty, so the students cleaned it up before they started to study.

    For negative sentences and questions we use did. Pay attention to these examples


    1. I didn’t eat breakfast this morning.
    2. I got 100 for English but I did not get a good score for physics.
    3. Yuki wrote a letter to Farah but she didn’t send her an e-mail.
    4. My parents worked on Sunday but they did not work on Monday.


    1. Did you meet Farah at yesterday’s party?” Yes, I did.”
    2. Did Sarah come with her brother?” No, she didn’t.
    3. Did you and your friends have a good holiday?” Yes, we did.”
    4. Did Imam win the match?” Yes, he did.”


    Are you ready for some practice? Good. Let's start.


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