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Reading II

7-6 Izumigaoka

November 10, 2005

Dear Farah,

Last Sunday I went to Arashiyama Autumn Festival. Arashiyama is a mountainous area on the outskirt of Kyoto. I went there with my family.

We left home early, around 8 o’clock. First, we went to Kyoto station by train. From the station we took a bus to Arashiyama. But we had to stand in a very long line before we could get on the bus. Many people wanted to go there. This festival is really popular.

We got off the bus about 1 kilometer from Arashiyama. The traffic was very busy so we decided to walk instead. Many other people also walked with us. Nobody was in a hurry. On the way, we stopped several times to admire the autumn leaves. I like maple trees the most. The leaves are yellow, greenish yellow, orange, reddish orange and even dark red. It was so amazing.

When we arrived, the festival already started. There is a river at the feet of the mountains. Some girls were dancing on the boats. They wore Japanese traditional costumes. They were wonderful.

After several dances, we went to have some tea at the stall by the river. I loved Japanese green tea or ocha. So I ordered two portions.

Next, my brother and I took a pedicab and went around the area. We enjoyed the scenery from the pedicab. It was really fun.

We went home around 4 o’clock. I was very tired. But I really had a nice day. I want to go there again next autumn.

P.s. I enclose 2 pictures of the festival. Enjoy.

(Arashiyama Autumn Festival)

(Riding a Pedicab)


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